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Moxie Dart Vape Pods UK




Moxie Dart Vape Pods UK

MOXIE is a registered brand. Oil quality is excellent on these THC vape pods – Everything about the oil quality is great. MOXIE pods are straight fire on strength. Super strong oil, combined with one of the hardest-hitting pods that you can get results in an ultra-strong hit and effects.  Naturally derived source materials are twice-refined to achieve the purest form of activated THC oil and provide the entourage effect benefits of a full-spectrum cannabis product.

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Moxie Pods

Bubba Kush, Granddaddy Purple, Lime Cuties CBD, Mango CBD, Mango Kush, Maui Wowie, Melonwreck, Member Berry, Peach Rings, Pina Colada, Sour Apple CBD, XJ-13




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