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Kurvana ASCND THC Vape Cartridge UK




Kurvana ASCND THC Vape Cartridge UK

Kurvana offers high-level oils that prioritize intense potencies and mild tastes. Each oil offers maximized THC levels for immediate, powerful effects. Our all-new ceramic heating element and optimized airflow delivers instant, high dose draws wherever you want it, whenever you want it.

ASCND oils are high cannabinoid, full spectrum, single origin extracts. These oils have an ideal composition for users who appreciate heavy psychoactive effects and a true-to-strain flower or weedy taste profile, while still retaining crucial bioactive terpenes and flavonoids.

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Kurvana ASCND

Amnesia Haze – Sativa, Cactus Cooler – Sativa, Cosmic Glue – Hybrid, Dutch Treat – Indica, Earth OG – Indica, High Fashion – Sativa, Jet Fuel – Indica, Key Lime – Sativa, Lunar OG – Indica, Mimosa – Hybrid, Northern Lights – Indica, Pink Sherbet – Hybrid, Purple Punch – Indica, Tangie Dream – Sativa, Wedding Cake – Hybrid




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