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Buddies Distilled Cannabis Oil Cartridge UK




Buddies Distilled Cannabis Oil Cartridge

This Distilled Cannabis Oil Cartridge comes from a preserved, uncured flower. Buddies special extraction process includes freezing the flower within an hour after harvest. Buddies preserve more of their cannabis natural compounds by freezing them so soon. Then, using a patent-pending extraction process, they extract the strain’s specific flavor and effect.

The high is a perfect balance between Indica and Hybrid. You will feel very relaxed and clear minded.  Also Buddies definitely capture the best of the strains they extract from.


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Buddies Flavors

AK-47 (90.3% THC), Bigfoot Glue (89.7% THC), Black Jack (96.6% THC), Blue Magic (92.7% THC), Blueberry Muffin (86.4% THC), Cloud 9 (94.8% THC), Game Changer (86.8% THC), Jack Herer (92.7% THC), Mac (91.1% THC), Magic Melon (90.1% THC), Orange Lightsaber (95.7% THC)




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