Blue River Jelly Sauce Cartridge UK




Blue River Jelly Sauce Cartridge

Overall Purity 95%+

THC: 75% | THC-A 5% | Other Cannabinoids 3% | Terpenes: 10%-12%

Blue River Jelly Sauce Cartridges offer consumers an overall boost in THC and a faster onset for daytime or nighttime relief depending on the cannabis variety (i.e. Sativa, Hybrid, Indica). Blue River Jelly Sauce Carts converts the smokers experience of cannabis flowers into the palm of your hand, while increasing overall effectiveness and reducing the health risks typically associated with smoking cannabis flowers. The AVD Cartridge & Seed Battery allows consumers to control their dose with low temp mobile vaporization that prevents overheating and preserves the flavor and function of the oil throughout the life of the cartridge.

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Blue River Jelly Sauce

Angel Food Cake, Banana Punch, Blueberry OZK, Cereal Milk, Cookies and Cream, Kosher Kush, Sour Lemon Dawg




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